Heroes Con!!

As usual, this year I’m going to be tabling at Heroes Con- which is in Charlotte, NC- from June 20~23!
My booth will be AA-1905, which is about a row away from those celeb singing lines, all the way on the right if you’re standing at the entrance.

I will have a good quality printed mini of my comic Shaman Child available, of all the print-ready pages I had as of last week, with a new cover I just did.

I’ll also have some new prints, including some watercolor paper prints and all my new illustrations. If you can be there, be sure to stop by and say hi! 😃 😃

And don’t hesitate to ask for a sketch if you can!

❤ Renie

Here’s the first cover image for Shaman Child!

Plus a little process animation. Those are fun to do.

It’s actually a redo of one of the earliest concepts I did for the story, back when I was just doodling a bunch of characters and beach stuff with vague notions of where they belonged. That was something like 3 years ago. Thankfully I’ve improved a lot since then… haha. :)